Excellent service by Plano overhead door

If you are looking for fantastic service, great quality, and decent prices then you have found it. After witnessing the service that came with Plano overhead door, there is no other company I would rather place my trust in as everything works fantastically while the people that operate on all ends are professionals in every sense of the word.

Plano overhead door Friendly technicians

The process started with a simple call with a highly knowledgeable person who understood exactly what I wanted. After arranging an appointment, Plano overhead garage door repair sent out a technician that closely inspected the overhead door and explained the installation and maintenance in great depth. Instead of glossing over such information, Plano overhead door believes in being upfront and informing customers as this allows them to make solid decisions.
Even during the job, the overhead door technician was happy to describe the process step-by-step which shows that he was not only great at his work but also courteous enough to interact with the customers.

Though the overhead door installation has no further issues, I am certainly going to head over to Plano overhead door once again should the need arise as the service will undoubtedly retain the same high standards. Some of the highlights include:

  • Unprecedented levels of interaction with the customers as everyone is treated equally.
  • The best referrals for any such company, which is more than enough to know you are dealing with great professionals.
  • Highly-trained professionals that know everything about their jobs and can perform all necessary tasks without issue.


Overall, it is not hard to see why so many people recommend Plano overhead door. A fantastic overhead door company which places its customers at the forefront and consistently delivers great results with amazing employees starting from the receptionists to the technicians.



How To Choose The Best Garage Door Opener

There are many things around the house that surely require maintenance from time to time. And generally, these are the most important ones, without which our lives just fall into disarray. Garage door openers are one among these all-important gears that require regular maintenance and repair. Hence it is a good idea to install a smart and reliable brand of Garage door openers at your homes by a good professional overhead repair company .

professional overhead repair company

We have compiled a small write up on some famous garage door opener brands. Read on to find out what to look in for while choosing a garage door opener and the brands that are worthwhile to consider.

What are the essential features that should be present in the best garage door openers?


 The garage door not only secures your vehicle but also gives access to your home. Hence it is always best to go in for garage door openers that are very high on security features such as rolling codes, encrypted radio signals etc.


Reliable remote control operations along with the best hardware features make for an awesome user experience. A keyless entry with a remote having dual frequency is probably the best feature to be present.


They should be efficiently designed so that they seamlessly integrate into the home automation system.

Noise Factor

Some of the best door openers are practically silent, with very low noise. This is a technological advancement that modern day garage door openers have.


Powerful battery backup and presence of overhead lights and built-in Wi-Fi with smart device compatibility and auto-close functionality are really nice features to have.

What are the best garage door opener brands?

Some of the best brands in this segment are:

  • Chamberlain
  • LiftMaster
  • Craftsman
  • Genie

A review of a few product features of both the Chamberlain brand and the LiftMaster brand are discussed below as these are the brands that have all above mentioned essential features.

Features of Chamberlain garage door openers

Chamberlain Premium

The Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive and the Chamberlain Ultra Quiet products are the top rated door openers present today. Some outstanding features of these products are:

  • Durable and Noiseless products, with powerful belt drive system that gives an ultimate silent operation.
  • Built in battery for continued usage in spite of power outages, if any.
  • Enabled with the innovative MyQ technology.
  • The Whisper Drive and the Ultra Quite garage doors have a timer to close feature that allows the garage door to automatically close after 1, 5 or 10 minutes.
  • Wireless and keyless entry system.
  • Power saving and battery backup.
  • Smooth start and stop features which make them silent operators.
  • The Chamberlain Whisper drive is quite high on safety and security features as it uses codes to open and close the garage door. Another added feature is that this product has both remote control and manual control access.

Features of LiftMaster garage door openers

The LiftMaster 8550 is part of the Elite Series from LiftMaster. It is a belt-driven garage door opener which operates very smoothly, unlike the other chain drive units.The exemplary features from this brand are stated below.

LiftMaster garage door openers

  • A powerful 3/4-horsepower motor that can lift doors of all sizes.
  • A backup battery to open the garage door during a power outage.
  • A handy feature, the timer-to-close function. It can be set to 1, 5, 10 minutes or even customise the time up to 99 minutes.
  • It comes with great safety features such as safety infrared beam among others.
  • The remote comes with a security + 2.0 system, which has a billion codes that are difficult to hack, making it impossible for anyone to access when you are away.
  • A built-in motion sensor in the control panel turns on the lights automatically.

What do we recommend?

In conclusion, Chamberlain garage door openers seem to top the list with the best in class features. It is closely followed by the LiftMaster brand of garage door openers.

A Liftmaster Garage Door Review For You

The garage is an essential part of any home and it is necessary to keep it functioning properly. There are many different garage door openers available in the market today, each with their own set of pros and cons.

After some basic research, you can choose one that is apt for your garage depending on your requirements and budget.

What about the Liftmaster garage door opener ?

The Liftmaster garage door opener comes in two broad categories. One is the Premium series and the other is the Contractor series.

The Premium series consists of 4 models:

  • LiftMaster 8365 – 267:
    This model is energy-efficient and powerful. They also come with 3 accessories such as a remote control, a wireless key-less entry system which uses a code for operation and a stylish control panel.
    LiftMaster 8365 – 267
  • LiftMaster 8360:
    This model helps protect against forced garage door openings and it also comes equipped with systems that emit warnings when the door is about to close. Additionally, the garage door opener’s lights get switched on automatically when you enter the garage, due to its’s motion sensors.
    LiftMaster 8360
  • LiftMaster 8355:
    This Liftmaster garage door opener is a smooth operator. The best part is that in conjunction with the Liftmaster Internet Gateway it can be monitored as well as controlled with your smart phone from anywhere.
    LiftMaster 8355
  • LiftMaster 3240:
    These garage door openers are low maintenance. They are safe and durable.
    LiftMaster 3240

The Contractor series comes in 3 models, namely:

  • LiftMaster 8155 Model:
    The manufacturers offer a warranty of four years for the motor, a warranty of ten years for the belt and a warranty of one year for other parts. The garage door openers also prevent the garage doors from closing in case anything crosses the doors.
    LiftMaster 8155 Model
  • LiftMaster 8165 Model:
    One common complaint about this model is that their batteries run out too quickly and hence need regular replacements.
    LiftMaster 8165 Model
  • LiftMaster 8065 Model: This model has a strong ½ HP motor and a chain drive. The manufacturers recommend that their garage door openers be installed by qualified professionals only for optimal performance.
    LiftMaster 8065 Model

How good are the Liftmaster garage door openers?

As the name suggests, the Contactor series are the more basic, no-nonsense, fuss-free models while the Premium models are more advanced and sophisticated. Some people are dissatisfied with a few of the Liftmaster models since they come with only one remote to control it. In case you misplace or forget the remote somewhere, you might be in a bit of trouble.

Are they Noisy?

However, these garage door openers are also said to be very quiet and do not make a lot of noise while operating. They are also relatively affordable and easy to use. One of the biggest advantages of these garage door openers is that you will be able to use them even during power cuts, thanks to its LiftMaster battery backup feature.
does liftmaster opener Noisy

Plus, you can also program the garage doors to close automatically after a time period, which can come in handy if you are a type of person who is forgetful by nature.

Repair garage door: How often would it be necessary?

With continuous and frequent usage, all garage doors will naturally need some sort of servicing from time to time. Experts state that usually with Liftmaster garage door openers problems arise with the gear and sprocket assembly. Often these issues are due to wear and tear of the mechanical parts.

Technological Issues?

At times, there could also be problems with the sensors of the gadget. But don’t worry, you won’t need to go for a garage door replacement immediately. Sometimes, the garage doors can also open and stop at random positions. These sort of problems can be sorted out easily enough, and you won’t end up burning a hole in your pocket just for a garage door repair.


If you are looking for user-friendly and long-lasting garage door openers do check out the various models of the Liftmaster brand. You will have minimal problems if any and you can be assured of investing in dependable garage door openers without spending a whole lot of money.

Style and substance in overhead garage doors

Old gives way to new and change is constant. So, if your overhead garage door repair seems imminent it’s time to look for replacement. With a new garage door the visual appeal of your house will also improve significantly.

overhead garage doors styles

Gone are the days of traditional plain doors that used regular pivots and hinges and were hard to operate. The modern garage doors are more stylish, better insulated and conserve energy while being far easier to operate.

modern garage doors

There are various types of overhead garage doors in different materials and price ranges, with varying aesthetic appeal. The most common materials used are steel, wood and Aluminum.

How to choose the correct style

What looks good on others may not look good on you; similarly when you choose garage doors do not select a type because your neighbor has it. You garage door should suit your house whether it is a modern contemporary design or a more traditional house with rustic approach. Thankfully the overhead door manufacturers can cater to various needs of their customers.

Types of overhead garage doors

Basically, there are three types of overhead garage doors.

  • Tilt- up
  • Roll up
  • Sectional units.

Tilt up garage doors

Tilt-up units are one of the oldest and most prevalent types of garage doors where a single panel swings up and is retracted into the ceiling of the garage. This kind of door requires space in front of the garage. The various varieties of tilt up are affordable by almost everyone and they require very little maintenance.

Tilt up garage doors

Rolling Garage Doors

Roll-up doors are made of many small sections joined into one large unit. They tightly coil into a single unit when opened. Probably one of the more common kinds of garage doors, these doors are meant for taller spaces. You should have a minimum of 14 inches headroom to install this type of overhead door. It is not uncommon to use tracks to keep the garage door in place and springs to balance the weight. Some manufacturers can actually customize the rolling doors if you have higher ceilings or lesser head room.

 Rolling Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional units are made up of three to four panels joined by hinges that allow them to roll into a large coil overhead. This type is most suitable for those who have very little space outside their garage. Sectional doors just slide overhead; as a result it is easy to park vehicles quite close to the door. Each panel is connected individually to tracks. Materials like steel, wood, copper and vinyl can be used to make these doors.

 Sectional Garage Doors

With a never-ending range of choices in the styles and material, it is often a tough decision to choose the overhead garage door that suits your budget, your taste and most importantly blends with your home’s exterior.  It has been found that sectional doors are the most popular overhead garage doors among a vast majority of Americans. Let us find out why.

looking for a good overhead garage door repair ? click here

Why are sectional doors most popular?

Some of the reasons for the sectional doors to be a crowd fav22orite have been listed below:

  • They are easier to install.
  • They are easier to operate.
  • They are inexpensive when compared to other models.
  • They require less clearance space.
  • They are more durable.
  • They come in various sizes, colors, textures and finish.
  • Various materials can be used to manufacture sectional doors.
  • They are more secure because there is no vulnerable spot in the entire door and hence it is impossible to even pry it open.

So, if your overhead door repair is due because it is old and has lived its life, it’s time to usher in some change. You should think of overhead door replacement, especially when there is such a wide array of choice in the material, texture, color and overall appeal of the garage door.

It is time to enhance the looks of your house with a new overhead door which will not compromise on the quality and the safety that a garage door brings to your house.


Are you safe while using the overhead garage door ?

The new generation garage door has a lot of hardware in it and should be installed properly and tested for ease of use and safety. It is of paramount importance that you know the functioning of the overhead garage door completely to prevent any injuries and unfortunate accident due to ignorance.

Overhead Door Precaution and Regime

A few simple precautions will ensure that you and your family remain safe from any untoward happening. Make sure you follow a regime of maintaining all the moving parts of the door by lubricating them at least twice in a year and checking for any malfunctioning pieces.

Overhead Door Precaution and Regime

Children and safety

Children are naturally curious breeds who are intrigued by forbidden objects. In their opinion, everything new is a toy to be investigated and played with.They will be intrigued by the transmitter and the remote of the garage door and most certainly will try to use it. It is your duty to tell them that the overhead door is not a toy and the transmitters and remotes are not to be meddled with.

overhead door is not a toy

Hence, it is essential that they be educated about the operation of the overhead garage door.

They have to be taught to steer clear of all parts like hinges, tracks and springs. Special efforts should be taken to prevent crushed fingers.

Ideally they should not play around a overhead garage door when it is opening and closing without an adult supervision to prevent any injury if the door malfunctions. In case of overhead garage door repair, do not hesitate to call a qualified technician because safety of your family is your top priority.

A few safety tips for the entire family
safety tips for the entire family

  1. The wall control unit should not be within children’s reach – at least 5 feet above ground is the recommended height.
  2. Keep transmitters and remotes out of reach of kids.
  3. Whenever you are using the transmitter to open or close the door, keep the door in sight until the action is completed.
  4. Do not try to rush in or out from under a moving overhead garage door.
  5. Do not attempt to repair springs and cables yourself because they are under high tension and if care is not taken you can be seriously injured.
  6. Do not attempt to loosen or adjust the screw on the bottom bracket of the door as they are under severe tension and hence harmful.
  7. Never place your fingers within door panels. Use safety grips instead.
  8. Do not use the old tracks while replacing a new garage door because they may not be compatible.
  9. If anytime you or anyone has backed into the garage door, inspect the door thoroughly even if no visible damage is done to set right any misalignment of the operating system.

Routing Overhead Door Maintenance Checklist

Be up to date with your garage door maintenance to prevent being surprised by an overhead door repair issue and any untoward accident thereof.

  • Inspect springs, pulleys, cables and track.All machinery will eventually wear out with use, especially the springs. Seek professional help for replacing and repairing damaged springs.Visually check cables for fraying or wear and tear.
  • To keep the door movement smooth you should lubricate all moving parts of the door on a regular basis.
  • Make it a habit to test the door balance on a periodic basis. If your door does not remain open three to four feet above ground, it means that there is balance problem that needs to be adjusted.
  • After the door balance does the reversal test wherein you place a block of wood under the open door and try to close it. Normally the door should sense the wood and roll up again; in case that doesn’t happen then you have a serious problem and you might need to undertake overhead door replacement.


Each model of garage door is different and will have specific safety instructions. Hence always keep your garage door manual within arm’s reach to troubleshoot any problems but remember to reach out to a qualified technician whenever you are in doubt because there is no substitute for safety.

Usher in a new look with the new generation overhead Garage Doors

Gone are the days when garage doors were made from single panels and used the hinge lifting mechanism. The new generation of overhead garage doors are made from several panels and are stronger, safer, can be insulated better and require lesser maintenance. That is not all; there is a

That is not all, there is a mind-boggling range of colors, styles and materials to choose from. With these new gen doors you need not worry too much with overhead garage door repairs and overhead door replacement.
overhead door replacement

Points to consider in new generation doors

  • Material
  • Insulation
  • Looks
  • Cost
  • Safety
  • Hardware

The commonest materials used for garage doors are

  • Steel Overhead Door:
    This is one of the most durable and strongest materials used in garage doors; usually, 24- GA steel is used. Most steel doors have either a smooth finish or an embossed wood look. Often doors have an additional polyester coat to protect against rusting. It is not uncommon to have warranties ranging from 10 years to a life time on steel doors.
    Steel Overhead Door
  • Plastic Overhead Door:
    Relatively new to the market of overhead garage doors, plastic is a good choice because it is light weight, doesn’t corrode or rot and is easy to maintain. The doors are treated with UV-resistant additives and hence they do not fade with age. Normally a warranty of 20 years is provided on these doors.
    : A very popular material in garage doors is Aluminum because it is durable, does not rust or corrode or rot. It is light weight and relatively inexpensive. The only thing that doesn’t work for this material is that it gets dented and you might later need to opt for a round of overhead door repair. Insulation
  • Aluminum Overhead Garage Door:
    A very popular material in garage doors is Aluminum because it is durable, does not rust or corrode or rot. It is light weight and relatively inexpensive. The only thing that doesn’t work for this material is that it gets dented and you might later need to opt for a round of overhead door repair.
    Aluminum Overhead Garage Door

Overhead Door Insulation

The new generation doors are better insulated than their predecessors. Insulating the garage door reduces noise,provides strenght to the door and  conserves energy.Polystyrene and polyurethane are the most common insulating materials used.Usually the insulating material is sandwiched between the main door and a light gauging material. You can decide the thickness of the insulation material used to suit your needs.

Overhead Looks

Your garage door will enhance the overall look of your house. You can chose from a wide variety of designs, colors and textures. A good design will improve the curb appeal too.Break away from tradition and include frosted windows in your garage doors to serve the dual purpose of highlighting the looks and also bringing daylight to the garage.

Costs for Overhead Door

It is difficult to quote the accurate cost of garage doors because it depends on various factors like the kind of material used, the style and the size of the door. Normal steel doors are inexpensive when compared with plastic but if you customize a door with certain specifications then you will pay more than the normal cost.

Safety first

You can never be lax where safety of your family and your kids is concerned. To avoid any untoward happening opt for additional safety features. Two features which are mandatory are automatic door reversal and the electronic eye system.

Hardware Installation

Your overhead garage door hardware comprises of extension springs and torsion springs. Both extension springs and torsion springs serve different purposes. Extension springs always work in pairs and are installed parallel to the ceiling on either side of the garage door. While extension springs are for stretching, torsion springs are useful for winding and unwinding the door.  Torsion springs are better suited for heavier doors.

Overhead Installation

Do not combine the old components with the new door because this can seriously impair the functioning of the door and render your warranty null and void. This is best left to the professionals who are adept at their job.

Overhead Installation

Overhead Door Maintenance

It is important that you maintain your overhead door with proper and timely lubrication, cleaning and routine tests. The torsion springs and the tracks should be lubricated with light motor oil twice a year. The exterior can be washed with soap and water and left to dry completely.

To sum it all up, it is essential that you select a material in a style in accordance with your budget and your home exterior to enhance the overall appeal of your home with the new generation garage door.

Where To Buy Tools For Overhead Garage Door Repair?

The overhead garage door is one of the most used parts of your house. You need to ensure that the overhead garage door is in good working condition and need to inspect it often.

Some of the parts that are used in an overhead garage door are grease, lubricant, wire cutters; windings bars counter balance level, sensors and rollers, bolts, brackets, cables, handles, hinges and more.

tools to repair garage door

Most of the parts that are needed to repair your garage door will be available to you online on various E-Commerce platforms. Apart from these sites, many professionals have set up dedicated websites advertising their tools and services that they offer for repairing overhead garage doors. You could also visit any home depot or hardware store in your locality. They usually have a wide range of tools on display and you can choose the tools that suit your need and purpose.

Let’s also take a look at the different types of tools that a person will need for a simple DIY fixing of their garage doors and where you can get these tools.

  • You will need a good set of spanners to tighten the nuts and ensure that they are snug. A good set of spanner tools is usually available online or in any hardware shop.
  • Next you need to have a good set of rollers. Nylon rollers with sealed bearings are available at garage door supplier stores or even online websites like Amazon. Though nylon rollers are more expensive than the traditional steel ones, you need not keep checking up on them regularly. This saves your time and money.
  • Above the door header you will find mounted torsion springs. This is attached to a very high tension cable and must not be attempted to replace with out help. It will cause serious damage if any thing goes wrong. Professional help is better in these cases. A simple search online will come up with several hits where professional people will be offering their expertise in repairing overhead torsion springs.
    garage door repair tools
  • Lubricating the parts of the overhead garage door is very important. A good quality lubricant will go a long way in maintaining the life of your garage door parts. Amazon has several offers on good quality lubricating grease and its better to buy it now when your savings will be greater! Every 6 months you need to ensure the garage door parts are lubricated so you might as well buy up the lubricants now when on sale and stock it up!
  • Some parts are connected by hinges which get worn due to continuous usage. Different type of garage door hinges are easily available online and also at professional sites. It is very easy to replace worn hinges by following the user manual that may come along with the purchased parts. You can also look up online videos which provide step by step instructions on replacing worn hinges.

All these tools and more will be easily available at any online store or a hardware store. Most of the tools are available on Amazon at discounted prices. Specialized tools will be available at garage door specialty stores. If the repair seems complicated or difficult, it is always better to call in professional help. They will get the parts themselves and also repair the problem for you.

Overhead door repairs in the winters 

Winter demands the construction of a well-insulated garage. That is what makes a garage last for a while. A garage that cannot handle the winter and gets too cold has severe consequences. It causes destruction not only to the overhead door repair but also irreversible damage to the equipment and things stored in the garage. When it is cold, the water will freeze. There are no two ways about it. Pipes with water in it are bound to freeze in the winter causing the pipes to break after freezing.

What is the overhead door repair solution in winter?

The answer is to winterize the garage as soon possible.

Feeling the cold breeze of the winter around the perimeter of the closed overhead door repair is a sign that the weather stripping is deformed or worn out.

garage door weather seal replacement

What is weather stripping of the door? Windows and doors of your home and garage can allow the cold air to leak in despite being closed. Weather stripping keeps the cold out and can save on energy and electricity costs. Warming up of the place and heaters can be reduced when the weather stripping of the overhead doors is done meticulously. Sealing the gaps around the doors and windows can make a world of a difference.

Unfortunately, the overhead door weather seals give way in time. They can compress or rip and bend, letting chilly winter air to enter. Fixing new winter seals around the overhead door repair is a fairly straightforward feat. It is more economic than installing new doors and most definitely faster.

Weather stripping and a sweep are two essential components of a well sealed overhead door repair. The weather stripping covers the top and the sides of the door. The gap between the bottom of the door and the threshold is taken care of by the sweep.

Home centres and hardware stores sell many products such as foam, plastic and felt products that can prevent the harsh winter from causing overhead door repair damages.

Some weather seals include cylindrical silicone materials that would fit against the overhead garage door stop and a twin silicon sweep that can fit beneath the door. These are efficient and effective weather stripping instruments to protect your garage. Silicon is soft and durable. It does not have compression memory. It can remain tight when the door swells or shrinks. They make excellent weather stripping tools.

It is essential to make sure the overhead door snugs fit. It cannot be jammed too tightly, though. Close the overhead garage doors before aligning the weather stripping. Insulation of the garage walls is also necessary. Replacing the door with a modern insulated work is a good idea. A heater in the garage can do wonders.

An unprotected garage can cause a fairly big dent in your purse. You can protect your overhead door yourself. All you need are tools such as a hammer, hacksaw, nail set, coping saw and the cordless drill. You are all set to handle the overhead door repair in the winters.


Tips to Choose The Right overhead Garage Door For Your Home

Overhead garage doors are those doors that pull up from the bottom, and, when open, remain positioned above the top of the vehicle. This type is popular in both home and commercial garages. They make a good choice because they allow for an efficient use of space.

Overhead garage doors are by far the most popular garage door available to homeowners. With automatic stop and begin features, people find overhead garage doors easy to use, with wonderful options and safety features.

metal overhead door

Overhead garage doors work with a rolling system. The door rolls up and stores along the roof of the garage. Overhead garage doors should be smooth, quiet and compact. Installing overhead garage door is simple; do it yourself, or get help from the manufacturer. Below are tips on how to choose overhead garage door.

Overhead garage door cost:

Garage doors come in all shapes, sizes, styles and then some, so the value range for distinctive doors can change significantly. You should go for a door that you can easily afford.


Depending on your geographic location, it is crucial to choose an overhead door that works well with your local climate. Metal and fiberglass are more durable and will last for many years. If you have salt in the air – consult local professionals for materials that offer resistance to corrosion.


After choosing the right material, it is time to consider the aesthetics you’d like the overhead door to have.


Just like the main door of your home’s exterior, even your overhead garage door needs to have the safety requirements. Ask your local overhead door company about a canopy, roller, or sectional style opening overhead door.

Overhead Door Maintenance

While some homeowners may think that once a purchase has been made, they never have to maintain or repair it, think again. Like other mechanical features in your home, even overhead garage doors should be serviced by a professional every year to ensure the opener, springs and integrity of the door are in good condition.

If you need to add one of these to your home, overhead garage doors are available in a variety of materials. These include:

Overhead Wood Door is the most expensive.It looks incredible with a wide range of home styles yet does not keep going the length of alternate sorts.

Overhead Wood Door

Overhead Aluminum Door is well known in light of the fact that it is shabby and will last any longer than wood. The disadvantage is that it is light so it imprints effectively and does not give much protection.

Overhead Steel Door does not look great in each home but rather is a decent trade off amongs aluminum and wood. It can be made to look like them two and will keep going quite a while without weakening. Be that as it may, it is twice as costly as the aluminum doors.

Overhead Fiberglass Door is some of the time utilized as a part of houses along the coast since it won’t consume or weaken in the salty air. It is light and tends to split or break effectively so it is not the best decision for whatever other area.

Regardless of which sort of overhead garage door you pick it is a smart thought to have it protected. You can lose a considerable measure of your hot and icy air through your garage door on the off chance that it is not protected.

plano overhead door Recommended Top Brands

The most important thing you need to look for after you have installed your overhead door is an opener. These just make your life easier as you don’t have to constantly wrestle with your overhead garage doors after you install them. The convenience of having a remote control for a television is what it is equivalent to having an overhead garage opener for your garage door. Now imagine you opening your overhead garage door by just sitting on your car with just controlling some buttons. That is how much simple it is. Nowadays there are several brands of these openers available in Texas. The experts at Plano overhead door do recommend some brands which are quite fast moving.

Things to keep in mind before investing on a overhead garage door repair opener

There are certain things that you will need to analyze and evaluate before you could zero in on the opener for your overhead garage door. 

  • Check how difficult it is to manually operate your overhead garage doors
  • Asses the amount of power needed to open the overhead garage door Plano
  • Finalize the type of overhead door opener you are looking for.
  • Arrive at the speed of the motor.
  • Finalize the overhead brand you want to invest in.
  • There are 3 different types of openers that are available in the market:

Screw drive opener, Chain drive opener, Belt drive opener

Top Brands of Plano overhead garage door repair

There are some top brands of door openers which work perfect. Some of these are:

Chamberlain WD832KEV

Chamberlain WD832KEVThis strong and ultra quiet overhead door opener is perfectly noiseless and extremely durable. It is quite sleek and has a smart system. It has different features including an auto shot timed feature which would even close the door when timed. It has a good battery support and a nice power saving feature. The smart technology used in this machine allows you to operate it from your smart phone. You do not have to carry a remote control everywhere to open your garage. Your overhead door Plano rates this as one of the top brands which could be operated with android or apple on your phone.

8500 LiftMaster Elite Series

This overhead garage door opener is extra smart and is easy to operate. This machine takes into account various factors including the weather or atmosphere conditions and the force required to open or close the door and also the height from the door. The speed at which you could open or close the door could be varied using simple controls. It is extremely safe as the codes that are used for every time is changed.

Chamberlain WD962KEV

Chamberlain WD962KEVThis machine is super sleek and looks attractive for its design and construction. It also has two controls and could be easily used even with heavy luggage in your hand. It is super smart with its technology and safe to use as the codes could never be hacked. It uses power saving methods and is highly rated by customers as well as experts at overhead garage door repair Plano.





Top 5 reasons Why Plano Overhead Garage Doors Are So Durable

When you invest in a overhead garage door, you expect it to be of good quality, easy maintenance and durable. Plano overhead Garage Door is very famous for their durable garage doors due to the following reasons:

  1. Suitable Materials Used by Plano overhead Garage Door

One’s need for a overhead garage door depends not only on their budget but also on the place they live in, the weather conditions, the light direction etc; keeping this in mind Plano overhead Door uses various materials to build its doors to suit various needs.

The different door materials offered by Plano overhead Door are:

Aluminum overhead Garage Doors

Aluminum is a very light and rust free metal. The rust free quality of this metal makes it an excellent choice in wet areas. Also, aluminum is much cheaper than steel and hence you save considerably when you invest in an aluminum garage door.

Steel overhead Door

steel overhead garage doorSteel is also rust free, sturdier and can be painted in various colors. Steel overhead garage doors have a very long life and are easy to maintain. overhead door Plano offers a wide range of steel doors with various colors, price and insulation options.

Wood overhead Garage Doors

Wood tends to absorb moisture and will expand and contract with the change in weather. Wooden overhead garage doors, when weathered properly and checked from time to time can last long.

Composite overhead Wood Garage Doors

wood overhead doorThese doors look a lot like wood, but are more durable. They are easier to maintain than the regular wooden overhead garage doors as they don’t shrink, crack, rot or split under extreme weather conditions, while they maintain the moisture resistant properties of wood. These overhead doors can also be stained or painted to match your existing house structure.

  1. Plano Garage Door Has an Expert Team

overhead doors Plano has a team of experts from some of the top institutions in the country. In case of repairs or other troubles, your overhead door is attended to by these experts and problems are diagnosed before they work on your door. This ensures no random repairs are done, thereby increasing the life of your garage door.

  1. Plano overhead Garage Door Addresses Problems ASAP

When your overhead door has a problem, overhead garage door opener experts are available day and night to address those issues. This way, the problems are solved before they go beyond repair, where the durability of your garage door will be heavily compromised.

  1. Overhead Plano Doors Prefers Quality Over Price

At Plano overhead Door they only use materials of reputed brands even for the smallest part. Thereby ensuring the quality of the door is very good right from the tiniest part. They do not cut corners by using low quality products just because the parts are smaller.

  1. Plano overhead Door offers Practical Solution

The experts at Plano Garage Door offer you ideas and solutions that are Practical and most suitable for you. They take into consideration the weather, usage, space etc; and help you choose a long lasting garage door.

Plano overhead Doors offers highest quality products for convenience and long term durability.

Types of overhead doors

Finding the right overhead door can be a tricky task. The first question that pops up is what material to choose for the overhead garage door. If you explore, you will find more than one material available. How do you find the right material for your overhead garage door ?

 Steel overhead garage door

 Steel overhead garage doorThis is the most famous material which people opt for while buying overhead garage doors. Steel is more energy efficient than wood. It also require lesser maintenance. If you are looking for a low cost material, this is the right choice for you.


Aluminum overhead door

Aluminum overhead doorAluminum is another popular material for overhead garage door installation. This would your right pick, if you live in coastal region. Aluminum is resistant to rust. It does not require painting job like wood overhead doors either.


Wood overhead doors

Wood overhead doorsThough it comes with all the cons and it is high maintenance, people still opt for wood overhead garage doors. The only reason for this biased choice is the beauty of the wood. Nothing looks better or fresher than a wood garage door.

Overhead Door Plano: Your One-Stop Solution For Garage Door Problems

With parking for vehicles being a serious problem due to space constraint there are garages built in every nook and corner. The distance between the car owners’ houses and the garages where they have parked the cars must not be too far. And the garages are fairly big in size.

Residential garages mostly have space for two or sometimes even three cars. And that means large overhead doors. These large overhead garage doors usually work by rolling up across the garage ceiling or into a roll above the doorway.

And as the saying goes – the bigger they are, the harder they fall. So the large garages do tend to have many issues that need to be avoided. And when it can’t be avoided, these need to be sorted out successfully.

courtyard overhead door collectionThe number of issues that could crop up could include transmitter battery malfunction or an out of alignment track. Sometimes the plano overhead doors could open and close on their own and is a serious cause for concern. The springs of the garage door, that bear the brunt of opening and closing could falter making it a very dangerous thing.  The tension spring could be broken causing the door to slam shut.

When the issue is with garage doors, overhead door Plano is the go-to person. Having won a host of awards such as consumer choice awards and Angie’s list, there is enough word in the market that the Overhead door Plano is the perfect choice when it comes to garage doors and related problems.

The overhead garage door problems definitely need a specialist to attack it. The door is the largest mobile object and the problem must be solved at the very first sign of repair. Expert overhead door technicians are needed to ensure that the problem does not snowball into bigger one. The best must be seen when they are needed. Overhead door Plano is the first name that ought to come to your mind when ever there are garage door problems.

  • They are extremely reliable. Once appointment booked, I can relax with the assumption that my overhead garage door issues will be sorted out
  • They possess a large stock of various doors. So the concept of having to wait for a specific door is very minimal
  • The attention to detail in the aspects to prepare and to install parts of the overhead garage door is quite commendable
  • The lifetime warranty provide by Overhead door Plano is sufficient proof that they have complete faith in the quality of their products
  • Their showroom has a huge collection of overhead doors with a variety of colours and designs. It will include almost any kind of overhead door one thinks of
  • The Plano overhead doors are of fantastic quality made with long lasting steel

Overhead door Plano has an admirable forty year plus experience in overhead garage opener, repair and service. The best service is available at the best cost. There needn’t be any more reasons to pick them in order to solve garage door problems.


Damaged Garage Door Springs?

Your Plano garage door will have two springs – the torsion spring and the extension spring. The torsion springs are connected right above the garage doors and when they are damaged; your door won’t open and close. The extension springs are lined up alongside your garage door and helps to reduce the strain on your door when opening and closing. When any of this garage door springs get damaged, it is essential you call Garage door repair Plano TX because of the following reasons.

  1. Your safety is at peril:

apply a lubricant garage door springsThese springs are tightly wound and have a lot of tension in them. When you attempt to repair them on your own, you could be paving the way to causing serious injury to yourself if you don’t do it the right way. So it is best you call Garage door repair Plano TX to assess the damage of the springs. This is very essential when your garage doors are old, but if you hear only squeaking noises in your spring and your door is new, you can first apply a lubricant and see if the noise reduces. If it does not, then call a professional to have a look at it.

  1. You don’t find any safety cables:

A safety cable is a very essential safety feature in a garage door to keep a broken extension spring in control from causing any serious injury. As these extension springs are also in a lot of pressure, they usually come with a safety cable which runs through the spring and is attached to the wall or ceiling. If you can’t find these safety cables or if they are damaged, it is essential you call Plano Garage door repair to install them immediately or rectify them.

  1. The springs are out of balance:

Plano If your garage door is not opening or closing smoothly as it should be; if it is a well-functioning one, try operating it manually. Still if the problem persists then the springs might be out of balance. You might not be able to fix an out of balance spring, at the same time, it can’t be left unattended, as it can cause more problems in the future which might cause severe damage to the garage door. So it is wise you immediately call Garage door repair Plano for setting the springs back in balance.

  1. The spring brackets may be damaged:

All garage door springs are attached to spring brackets. Similar to the springs, they also have a lot of tension in them and they have to be adjusted with proper maintenance only by a professional Garage door repair Plano TX if you want your garage door to function smoothly. This is especially true when you have old garage doors as they may not have the tamper resistant brackets that are now available in newer models which to a certain extent avoid injury when tried to be adjusted by amateurs on their own.

So for any reason today the springs in your garage doors are not working, immediately seek help from Garage door repair Plano TX.